In September of 2018, our client was in a car wreck. She suffered from whiplash and concussion injuries that required medical treatment. She was a passenger traveling west on Highway 64 between Richmond and Charlottesville. Her husband driving when they saw the car in front of their vehicle hydroplane and spin. Our client’s husband began slowing down the car to avoid a collision and he came to a complete stop. But, a bus—traveling at 60 miles per hour—did not stop and collided with our client’s vehicle. The collision propelled their vehicle forward, hitting a guardrail in the process.
There was nothing our client could have done in this situation. An ambulance took her to the University of Virginia after the accident. Soon after that, she went back to UVA and her doctors diagnosed with whiplash injury to the neck, cervicalgia, post-concussive syndrome, migraines, post-traumatic headache, and a concussion without loss of consciousness. She required many appointments for therapeutic rehabilitation, neuromuscular therapy, manual therapy, cervical collar, canalith repositioning procedure, and medication for her migraines.  
The driver of the buss had a duty to exercise reasonable care for others on the road. He failed to exercise this duty, in any capacity, when he did not stop when our client did.
Our client recovered well with excellent treatment from her local doctors.
She incurred almost $18,500 in medical expenses. Before we got involved, the insurance company had offered her $16,000 as their final offer. After working on the case for about a year, we were able to secure an $80,000 settlement for her.