Case Successes

$50,000 Settlement for Facial Laceration in Wards Road Car Wreck
High Speed Rear-End Collision Lawsuit Resolved With $100,000 Policy Limit Settlement
$100,000 Policy Limit Settlement 7 Months After Collision Resulted in Facial Injuries
Passenger Gets $100,000 Policy Limit Settlement for Wrist Fracture Caused by Car Collision
Passenger Car Salesman Obtains $150,000 Settlement for T-bone Collision
“$350,000 Wrongful Death Settlement with Multiple Claimants
“$65,000 Campbell County Verdict”
$343,996.00 Workers Comp Death Benefit
“$500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement
“$235,000 Workers Comp Settlement”
$94,000 Personal Injury Settlement”
$50,000 Consumer Protection Victory
$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement Spanning 4 Insurance Policies
Distracted driving results in $50,000 Policy Limits Settlement
$500,000 Personal Injury Settlement For Broken Clavicle and Torn Rotator Cuff
$224,400 Workers Compensation Settlement With Disputed RSD Diagnosis
$123,000 Personal Injury Settlement for Neck/Back Injury, Shoulder Injury, and Surgery
Insurance Coverage Battle & $100,000 Policy Limits Personal Injury Settlement For Kid Shot With Pellet Gun