Our client was traveling southbound on Route 29 in Amherst County, Virginia in the left-hand lane when the defendant was crossing the southbound lane of Route 29 traveling west towards Route 151. He turned left toward Route 151 and crossing the southbound lane of Route 29 and he failed to yield the right of way of the vehicle that our client was driving. He caused the two vehicles to collide.

Our client tried to avoid the wreck but there was nowhere for her to go. She was transported by Amherst County Public Safety to Lynchburg General Hospital for treatment. After receiving sub-optimal treatment from Lynchburg General Hospital, she made an appointment at the University of Virginia where she was diagnosed with a LisFranc Fracture of her right foot. She required surgery to install hardware to cure the fracture. The surgery was called an open reduction internal fixation. They did this surgery and installed hardware on the bone to make sure that the fracture would heal correctly. 

After the fracture healed, our client still experienced pain in her foot. She returned to UVA for additional medical treatment. Her treating doctor recommended another surgery to remove the hardware that was installed to ensure the fracture healed. Sometimes, the hardware itself can cause pain and especially in the foot. 

After the hardware was removed, our client’s foot felt better but she still suffered from a permanent scar and a somewhat deformed foot. This limited our client’s ability to wear certain shoes that many women love to wear. 

Our client incurred just under $64,000 in medical expenses and we were able to secure a $225,000 settlement for her.