We believe that if the insurance company has all of this knowledge, injured people should have it too. It is this information inequality that makes most people settle their case too soon and for too little money. Instead of being ok with the status quo, we at Osterbind Law are dead set against it. The status quo is terrible. 

If you have been injured, you need medical treatment. If you don’t get medical treatment, how will you ever get better?

By requesting Ultimate Guide to Medical Treatment After a Car Accident in Virginia, you will learn: 

  • Do you need a lawyer for your injury case?
  • How you are supposed to get medical treatment?
  • Why you should get medical treatment?
  • Where you should get medical treatment? 
  • How you should pay for your medical treatment?
  • What is maximum medical improvement and why does it matter? 

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the Ultimate Guide to Medical Treatment After a Car Accident in Virginia, written by Brandon Osterbind. Brandon is a Virginia personal injury lawyer who has worked on injury cases for the last 11 years. Brandon wrote this book because he is convinced that people need help and they don’t necessarily need to hire an attorney just yet. But there are things that you should know to eliminate the information inequality that exists between insurance companies and the general public. 

You really have two choices right now. You can request this free book right now, or you can go schedule a “free consultation” with a personal injury lawyer. If this book doesn’t help you, you can still get your “free consultation,” but you won’t get it at Osterbind Law. That is because we don’t offer “free consultations.” That is because every lawyer who offers you a “free consultation” expects you to sign a retainer agreement before you understand how that lawyer will approach your case. 

We don’t do that. Instead, we offer free strategy sessions. In other words, we won’t sell you on our services when you come to meet us. When you meet with us, you will get concrete advice on what you should do to protect your legal interest. If you need an attorney, one of our lawyers will tell you that. We won’t pressure you because we don’t do hard sells. We provide valuable information and help point you in the right direction. 

Sometimes, after we lay out a strategy, folks will want us to represent them. We only take cases where we know we can add value to you. If we don’t think our services will add value, we will help you get started in the right direction, but we won’t take a fee. 

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