Recently our client settled a case for eight times his medical expenses. Our client is a veteran who was pursuing his doctorate degree in education when the accident occurred. The family had begun to keep cows and hogs as part of a plan to breed and sell them but because of his injuries, this became so difficult that the family decided to sell the livestock.

On July 25, 2014, our client was driving with his wife, his two children, and one of his children’s friends in a minivan going west on Waterlick Road. Our client was driving in the right lane under the speed limit because the left lane was backed up by traffic. As he began to slow down near the intersection with route 622 a driver suddenly pulled out from between two cars and into the right lane. Our client braked, but the other car was too close. There was not even time to say something before the two cars collided, impacting the front left of the minivan and the front right of the other car. After driving the mangled car into an adjoining parking lot, both our client and the other driver got out to assess the damage. The police arrived within 15 minutes of the accident. The minivan was totaled.

The force of the collision had caused a serious strain on our client’s neck from whiplash and he obtained treatment from Central Virginia Family Practice and OrthoVirginia in Lynchburg. He was evaluated by Adam W.Palmer, D.C., to have a permanent injury with his symptoms from the accident. His total medical expenses related to the injuries amounted to $5,639.

What’s worse is that because our client is a disabled veteran, his lack of sleep exacerbated his PTSD and depression during his treatment. In light of these facts, Brandon was able to negotiate a $45,000 settlement.