On January 20, 2017, at approximately 9:00 a.m., our client, was a rear-seat passenger in a 2003 Ford Mustang that was being test-driven. The driver was a potential buyer while our client was a salesman. 

The defendant was traveling in the right lane of US 460 in Appomattox when the accident occurred. According to the police report, the road conditions were wet, and the defendant was traveling at 60 miles per hour when he lost control and veered off the right side of the roadway striking the guardrail and a utility pole. The defendant was given a citation for reckless driving.  He was clearly driving too fast for the weather conditions in a sports car.

Our client struck the back glass of the vehicle and was ejected from the vehicle. He sustained a concussion and a neck injury and was transported to Lynchburg General Hospital where he was treated for two days. Our client when through physical therapy under the direction of an orthopedic doctor and he was released from active medical care. 

Our client incurred about $40,000 in medical expenses and $3,200 in lost wages all of which was paid by his workers’ compensation insurance. His workers’ compensation insurance had to be repaid from the settlement amount but we were able to negotiate that lien down to $22,500. 

Our client said the following: 

Got my case taken care of quick and with no problems. Everybody at the firm is very nice and listens to what you have to say to get you what you need.